Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update on Ten Tasks Challenge

Howdy all!
Seems like I have been walking around in circles all week preparing for the 5 family yard sale which is
Please come by and shop from 8 til' 6 on Friday and Saturday
 There will be signs to guide you once you are in Inkom.  My neighbors who are participating are across the street and next to me.  You can't miss them. 
Flower gardens, yard work was #1 on my list.  Whew, bigger job than I thought.  Things really are shaping up, but I think another week is in order to get everything planted and put shredded bark down too. 
The biggest mess I have is at this corner of the cottage.  Here
 is the most obnoxious ground cover/weed that has taken over the area.  It is a tangle of roots for about 6 inches under the soil.  Combine that with tree roots from a nearby poplar and this girl has trouble.
Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of trouble.   
I'd like to buy a vowel, I mean some more days for this challenge,
say... 5 more!
I did paint my little rocking chair and list a few things on Etsy too.
I had better get back to work.  Have a wonderful day and a nice long weekend.  Hugs to you.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

10 tasks, 10 days Challenge... I'm In!

I have to admit, I am a dreamer. 
I am also a Virgo and true to form, I can change my mind about a project midstream and not think twice about it, and before I've completed it, change back again...
Therefore, I rarely get anything completed.
Cha Cha over at Sit, Relax and Read has the most amazing Ten Tasks in Ten Days Challenge going on right now.  All you do is post your list of ten tasks and get going!
 is a good thing.
will allow me to breath in the air of completion and finalization.
will be good medicine!

Here's my List.
The following are items that I have thought about for a very long time and that's good because I have already gone through the change your mind, change back again part.  ;)

#1  Landscape Around Cottage
I will devote 4 or more hours each day until completed.
When I first heard of this challenge a few days ago, I began working on my flowerbeds. Having a head start by digging the beds on 3 sides of the house and spending this afternoon buying plants, I am really excited to have it done for the 4th of July.

#2  Paint the dresser or entertainment center in my living room.

#3 Create a shipping center for my Etsy goods.
Make return address labels and other shop related necessities.  

#4  Paint the closet and 2 doors in my laundry room area.

#5  Make new curtains for the kitchen.
Going with a green/aqua theme with my latest fabric finds.

#6  Sew curtain for my bedroom and make a dust ruffle.
Using one of the 3 remaining duvet covers that I purchased at the Salvation Army for $4 each.

#7  Work on my Etsy shop.  Get my inventory back up to 150.
I would love to try and list a few items each day.  On this one, I will keep a running count of where I'm at.

#8  Create a 4th of July pennant from scrap fabric and decorate the outside with goodies I have here at the Coop.

#9  Get ready for a yard sale with my neighbors.  There are 5 families who are going to participate and I need to make fliers and get the word out.
I already have 5 boxes of goodies ready, but there's more.

#10  Paint and recover the sweetest little rocking chair.

Wish me luck and tons of energy.
Hugs to my Chickabiddies

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary Blue Creek Home and Her Fab. Giveaway

I'm in from a day of gardening in the sun and catching up with all the latest blog news.  I find out that Rhonda, over at Blue Creek Home is having an Anniversary Giveaway and it's to-oo good to be true... 
(Blogging gals never cease to amaze me with their generosity and kindness.)
Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint anyone...
One lucky winner will get the entire kit pictured above.
(I have a bare naked dresser sitting in my living room that needs painting)
Next up in the giveaway is...
one of Rhonda's her best selling French pillow covers.  
(I love this pillow and would it ever look cute in my bedroom redo)
You better hop on over there and see how to win. 
There are 4, yes 4 ways to win.
Use the button at the top of my sidebar to get to Blue Creek Home's Anniversary Giveaway or use the link below.
Happy Anniversary Blue Creek Home!
 Have a great night everyone. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thrifty Fabric Finds

A few weeks ago, right before my bedroom redo, I was having one of those days when you feel like somethings gotta give... Change was imminent at CoopDeVilla.  I grabbed my purse, phone, and lip gloss and headed for town not knowing where I would end up or what I would find. 
(okay, a smidgen of drama added there.) 
Where does one go when you can't stand your decor any longer?  A thrift store of course.  Imagine walking into my local D.I. thrift store finding fields of fabric, and that's just what I did.
Twelve yards of this glorious green upholstery fabric for a total of $12.00 was calling my name.  I was pinching myself saying outloud, "$1.00 a yard, this just can't be?"  Look at the little blue hints of aqua... a new favorite of mine.  Sorry about the wrinkles.
Next, I found one old brocade curtain panel and the greens matched perfectly.  On a roll now, I'm thinking I'll use it for pillow backing or trim for the upolstery fabric.
Further down the isle I found blue satin brocade.  Only 1 yard but, pillows, pillows and more pillows!  The blue and brown paisley on the far right...Ralph Lauren curtain panels, found at the Good Will.
Same Day- before lunch! 
I am feeling pretty lucky about now. 
Later that week while at a friend's house looking at furniture I spied two sweet pillows that she was ready to part with.  (left and center) They matched too.
So now the plan is to incorporate all of this fabric into my living/dining area, kitchen and bedroom.  It's on my list of 10 things to do before Summer is over.  While I was outside taking pictures of my new found fabric I noticed how all of the colors are alive and well right in my back yard. 
Nature inspired and earthy. 
I'll take it!  All of this fabric for under $25.00
I found the pheasant fabric at the D.I. too and couldn't pass it up for $2.00. I am not really into wild fowl, but won't it make a couple of pretty pillow slips for Fall?
Until then, may your skies be blue and your fabric basket full.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost in a Sea of Blue and Green Glass

Yes, I really am lost in a sea of blue and green glass and I'm loving it!
Today I will show you my thrifty finds and how this voyage began.  Lets set sail with the Nippon plate I found for $1.50.  It is so beautiful and has become the color pallet for my summer decorating redo here at the Coop.
When I was eight years old my Mom and Dad took me to a farm auction and let me bid on a few goodies.  I don't recall the price that was paid for this set of 5 depression glasses, but I have loved them for ever.
Then last week I went to the D.I. and found this set of Pfaltzgraff goblets for 75 cents a piece.  Can you imagine my delight?  I felt like an old crow spying something sparkly for my nest.
Sailing down the isle, I found matching vases- 4 of them for $1.50 each.  I don't know if they are Pfaltzgraff, but they match perfectly.
About 4 months ago I drifted to Idaho Falls for some frugal treasures and found this set of tall and short hand blown glasses.  Each glass was only $1.00.

Sea Green glasses, set of five for $1.00, can't beat that at the Good Will.
There's more... Do you feel a party coming on?

I found this Margarita set at the Good Will for $7.00!  It was still in the box and it was half-off day.  Just couldn't pass it up...
My little clock was a bargain too at $1.50.  It's not old, but I love it.
You are probably wondering where do I store all of this?  I use it everyday so it's right where I can reach it.  My buying policy is... if a 2 year old can't touch it, then I'd better not add it to the collection.  And I thought myself pretty darn clever when I didn't have a place for the Margarita set.  I used the styro-foam from the original box and cut it to fit inside an old picnic basket, placed the entire set inside, atop my refrigerator.  Everyone says, "oh what a neat basket."  Little do they know the secret inside...
Until we meet again just remember... If life gives you lemons, make margaritas and enjoy all of your glassware.
XO Bonn Voyage

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farm Fresh Milk and Cookies

How about a little fresh milk with those cookies?

Today my Granddaughter and I made cookies for her daddy.
We counted the heck out of them (she's two) and bagged them up.
She sat through the entire story of Hansel and Gretel, Momma came and we kissed good bye.  Love you both.
Then Grandma got busy making something else. 
I have been wanting to clear out enough space in my garage so that I could get crafty in there and guess what... the time has come.  I made a little painting and sanding spot right by a window so there's plenty of natural light.
And ta-da,
Fresh Milk! 
I don't know if I had more fun making the sign or taking pictures of it...
Barn door saved from the burn pit.
I have some great plans for it... More on that later.
Here is the sign in a milk crate that is labeled, "Olson Farms."  I found it at a yard sale for $1. Now, how sweet is that?  I always think of that mean Nelly Olson on, Little House on the Prairie.  Okay, she was probably grew up to be a nice girl, she just had enabling parents.
This little sign will be listed on Etsy tonight.  There will be more to come after this one (if it sells).  I have a rather large list of fun sayings that I think would make the most darling signs and a painting space to boot.
There are some cookies staring at me...
I hope everyone has a beautiful night.  Thank you Miss Mattie for making Granny's day.  Daddy better eat those cookies and come mow my yard because it really does look like a pasture for cows.
XOXO and MOO-ooo

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting Ready...

You should see the Coop.  Well, maybe not.  For the last three, yes, 3 days from morning till night I have been riffling through my treasures.
I have treasures.
There are piles of, "won't you fix me" treasures, homemade treasures, and, "can I bare to part with you" treasures from one end of my indoor space overlapping on to my outdoor space.
CoopDeVilla is getting ready for a huge yard sale.  The official date hasn't been set yet, but I'll be sure to let you know.
CoopDeVilla is also going to attend a flea market in Salt Lake City in July.  More to come on this event too.
CoopDeVilla is ever present on Etsy with over 140 items currently for sale.  I am having a June Sale on select goodies there.
I decided I had better get started working on the upcoming events and that's when the 3 day, turning into 4 day mania began.  Look at what I found... forgot that I had. 

A little bit of everything will be for sale.  I have approximately four weeks to get organized.  I promise to leave no box unopened, button to be sorted, closet to be emptied behind.  It will all be ready just for you and oh my what a deep cleansing experience this is. 
Until next time, (I must get back to work) have a great day!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Update on My Bedroom Redo

Lilacs freshly cut on the nightstand.
Sweet little tin heart with key added to lamp.
Shabby shutters are hung.
Sweet Dreams. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shades of White at CoopDeVilla

I really love the color white. 
My entire house is quickly turning the color of sweet cottage linens, ironstone, and cream.  I feel like I am finally being true to my favorite color pallet.   My heart is telling me to go for all shades of white, all things white, with lots of brown, dots of black and grey, and tiny touches of red, orange, and green.  Blue is on my love-list too.  In the past, I have had trouble with blue.  I never get the right shade of paint or accessory and it seems down-right chilly. Guess what?  My latest bedroom re-do is all about white and blue and I love it.  For now, I am the most happy with all of the colors mentioned above wrapped in...

A dash of brown
Ahh, so peaceful and white.
Smile and follow your heart.

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