Monday, June 20, 2011

Thrifty Fabric Finds

A few weeks ago, right before my bedroom redo, I was having one of those days when you feel like somethings gotta give... Change was imminent at CoopDeVilla.  I grabbed my purse, phone, and lip gloss and headed for town not knowing where I would end up or what I would find. 
(okay, a smidgen of drama added there.) 
Where does one go when you can't stand your decor any longer?  A thrift store of course.  Imagine walking into my local D.I. thrift store finding fields of fabric, and that's just what I did.
Twelve yards of this glorious green upholstery fabric for a total of $12.00 was calling my name.  I was pinching myself saying outloud, "$1.00 a yard, this just can't be?"  Look at the little blue hints of aqua... a new favorite of mine.  Sorry about the wrinkles.
Next, I found one old brocade curtain panel and the greens matched perfectly.  On a roll now, I'm thinking I'll use it for pillow backing or trim for the upolstery fabric.
Further down the isle I found blue satin brocade.  Only 1 yard but, pillows, pillows and more pillows!  The blue and brown paisley on the far right...Ralph Lauren curtain panels, found at the Good Will.
Same Day- before lunch! 
I am feeling pretty lucky about now. 
Later that week while at a friend's house looking at furniture I spied two sweet pillows that she was ready to part with.  (left and center) They matched too.
So now the plan is to incorporate all of this fabric into my living/dining area, kitchen and bedroom.  It's on my list of 10 things to do before Summer is over.  While I was outside taking pictures of my new found fabric I noticed how all of the colors are alive and well right in my back yard. 
Nature inspired and earthy. 
I'll take it!  All of this fabric for under $25.00
I found the pheasant fabric at the D.I. too and couldn't pass it up for $2.00. I am not really into wild fowl, but won't it make a couple of pretty pillow slips for Fall?
Until then, may your skies be blue and your fabric basket full.

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  1. brilliant finds, and lovely photography. I'm sure you 'new home' will be just gorgeous.

  2. How lucky are you finding all of that fabulous fabric!! I sort of collect fabric! My mom did too.
    I appreciate your kind comments. If you didn't sign up for my giveaway you should come back. Chalk paint - and I love the stuff! I have a reminder on top of todays' post now. Just follow that to the giveaway.
    I would love you to join Treasure Hunt Thursday sometimes too.

  3. Love the colors and textures of these fabrics! Great job!


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