Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not too Shabby for a Day's Shopping

 This morning my friend Pat called me because she happened upon a really great yard sale.  Of all things, a yard sale on Wednesday!  I hadn't really gotten dressed yet, hadn't combed my hair and was just sippin' on my coffee. 
Pat started listing items that she saw...
(coffee cup down headed for the closet) 
She said, "thought you might like the iron beds."
(pants on)
"Oh, I see a table, and there's a cute chair.  It looks like little old granny stuff." 
I said, "Tell me about the beds."  I could hear her going down some stairs,
"Well, here's a cute little pink painted one with brass knobs on top... I don't know if you'd be interested in this or not... little spindles, old box springs...
(whilst trying to put my bra on and listen, the phone slipped out of my hands  hit the ground and busted into 3 parts)
(bra, flip-flops, out the door in 5 min.)
Once in the jeep, phone back together, I phoned her for the directions.
We met, she helped me shop and I purchased only the best shabby things- the pink bed, a french chair and a cabinet. 
Might as well go to St Vincents since we're in the vicinity!  Sure thing.  As soon as I walked in there they were
two white chenille fringed bedspreads!  Not too shabby.

Pat had scheduled lunch with a mutual friend so we bid farewell.
Not looking my best (I had stuck my hair up in a clippy) I put the sunglasses back on and decided to make a quick trip to the D.I.  There really wasn't much to see in the isles so I headed to the very back where they keep doors, bed frames, kinda rusty crusty stuff.
Look what I found there:
Do I see mirrors?  French country mirrors?
They were stuck behind some heavy doors and it took me a minute, but I set them free.
They are dresser mirrors and made of heavy plastic.  I wish they were solid wood, but they will do just fine for now.  I'd like to keep them white and totally distressed.  Maybe add some gray and get rid of the gold antiquing.
I'd say it was a "not too shabby" day of shopping.

Thank you new followers.  You really make my day and I love your comments.
Much love to you all.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Lamp, Bird Cage, and a Blouse

Isn't it the truth, that so often the best laid plans fly right out the door?
When your plans go awry usually there's some stress created and perhaps disappointment.  That was not the case for me this past Friday night.
I had been working with my friend Jeri to get the store ready for the Art Walk.  The plan was... we would get all wall decor hung by 3 o'clock giving me plenty of time to leisurely travel home, take a shower, get dressed up/makeup/hair and get back to the store by 5 to meet and greet.
Hmm, I still had a hammer in my hand at 5:00! 
The air conditioner had been worked on so for part of the day it was off.  My working clothes consisted of jeans, a now dirty shirt and flip-flops.  Are you getting the picture?
When a vintage chick is in distress what does she do?  Lurk into the backroom and stay hidden among the cinders? 
 She goes shopping! 
Jeri and I high-tailed it across the street to the, Youth Ranch, a lovely thrift store were we hit the racks to find a clean shirt for me.  Bingo we found 5. Another vendor was watching the shop so we figured we had at least 10 minutes for a quick look-around.  
There she was... a white iron birdcage, so perfectly cottage...  
Jeri went another direction and grabbed a mirrored oak dresser top that sat on 4 little drawers.  While we're standing there in thrifty joy, why... right next to the birdcage was the cutest white lamp.
The rest of the night was pure bliss.  Okay, I really wish I could have showered, but I was able to change clothes, fix my hair, say, "hello" to many old friends and new who came into the store.  In the back of my mind I kept thinking that the white duo are now my favorite summer finds.  Just the right amount of shabby for the Coop.  (I don't even know if the lamp works)
Who cares.
Shabby bliss.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Store is Born

Here is the actual account of the labor and delivery of ...
(of course there was much more that was done before the 3 days that follow)

Day One- Painting and Hauling

Jeri the store manager had been painting for a couple of days all by herself.  It's a big space and she needed help.  I spent a day of painting over some very strange colors and white-washing an awning (with the help of some other vendors) and hauling in load after load of items.  I don't really remember driving home that night.  Man, was I pooped.

Day Two- The Real Fun Began
3 Vendors and I had things scattered from hell and back.  It was time to pull everything together for the Art Walk.  Jeri and I decided on vignettes and got going.  It took around 5 hours to work everything in to particular areas.  Again, pooped, and two days of McDonald's Southwest Chicken salad for dinner.
Be warned.  The following photos are a bit scary.  Reminds me of "hoarders gone wild" or the biggest yard sale I've seen in a while.  Seriously, it was a fun process as we pushed and pulled furniture across the room, changed our minds, tried something else and then got down-right bossy. 
Oh, uh-well that would be me.  Jeri do you still love me?
Look at the wicker desk... love it.
Little table (center) has been repurposed from a plant stand and a large faced clock.  Clever Jeri!
More and more arrives.
And some More... and I think that is Brennan back there...
By the end of day 2 we had everything arranged all that was left was hanging pictures, adding layers, cleaning and fluffing.

Day Three- Opening the Doors

We worked like crazy hanging wall decor.  It's a good thing that Jeri is a tall gal and I'm shorter.  We saved a lot of time not having to use a ladder for everything, and worked right up until the Art Walk began at 5pm. 
So soft and pretty.
And on to our area with an international flair...
Vintage Game boards against our chalk board wall.
A sweet baby themed vignette
How about a little rustic and country...
A little glam gal... 50's  (sorry about the exposure on the next two).
Notice the 3 piece set of luggage...
Some "man" things of course.

Everyone loved, I mean loved the store and wished us the best of luck.  I couldn't be prouder of our new baby and so happy that once again I get to surround myself with some creative, like-minded vintage chicks.  Okay, there are a few men in the mix too.  (Probably get into big trouble if I called them roosters...)  So tired and happy tonight and yes, another salad from Mickey D's.  May I add, they are tasty.

A Store is born. 
There you have it!  And of course you can have it. 
Come to our grand opening September 1st.
Old Town
Mercantile and Antiques
324 Main
Pocatello, Idaho

If you are interested in being a vendor act fast- spaces are filling up.  See the previous post for details.
Until next time my sweet chickabiddies,

Friday, August 5, 2011

Big Announcement

It's happening!  I jumped in with both feet and a great big smile. 
No it's not a swimming pool. 
Here's a hint... 
Vintage, rustic, cottage, white, quilts, okay do you give? 
Let me introduce you to a new store in Pocatello.
Our grand opening is planned for September 1st.
In the meantime my vintage sistas and I have been having a blast decorating everything in sight.  There is still vendor space available.  The opportunity awaits to work with many talented artists, antique experts, and those who adore everything vintage.
Want a sneak peek before the grand opening?
Come tonight for the Art Walk in Old Town, Pocatello. 
We will be opening the doors this evening at 5 pm.