Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost in a Sea of Blue and Green Glass

Yes, I really am lost in a sea of blue and green glass and I'm loving it!
Today I will show you my thrifty finds and how this voyage began.  Lets set sail with the Nippon plate I found for $1.50.  It is so beautiful and has become the color pallet for my summer decorating redo here at the Coop.
When I was eight years old my Mom and Dad took me to a farm auction and let me bid on a few goodies.  I don't recall the price that was paid for this set of 5 depression glasses, but I have loved them for ever.
Then last week I went to the D.I. and found this set of Pfaltzgraff goblets for 75 cents a piece.  Can you imagine my delight?  I felt like an old crow spying something sparkly for my nest.
Sailing down the isle, I found matching vases- 4 of them for $1.50 each.  I don't know if they are Pfaltzgraff, but they match perfectly.
About 4 months ago I drifted to Idaho Falls for some frugal treasures and found this set of tall and short hand blown glasses.  Each glass was only $1.00.

Sea Green glasses, set of five for $1.00, can't beat that at the Good Will.
There's more... Do you feel a party coming on?

I found this Margarita set at the Good Will for $7.00!  It was still in the box and it was half-off day.  Just couldn't pass it up...
My little clock was a bargain too at $1.50.  It's not old, but I love it.
You are probably wondering where do I store all of this?  I use it everyday so it's right where I can reach it.  My buying policy is... if a 2 year old can't touch it, then I'd better not add it to the collection.  And I thought myself pretty darn clever when I didn't have a place for the Margarita set.  I used the styro-foam from the original box and cut it to fit inside an old picnic basket, placed the entire set inside, atop my refrigerator.  Everyone says, "oh what a neat basket."  Little do they know the secret inside...
Until we meet again just remember... If life gives you lemons, make margaritas and enjoy all of your glassware.
XO Bonn Voyage

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  1. Arent' you clever!! Love the idea of stashing things in a picnic basket!

    I love blue and green glassware too, but I don't have as many as you. I need to add some to my little colection.
    Thanks for coming to THT.

  2. Wow, your glassware is gorgeous! Blue and green are my two favorite colors. I wish the Goodwill stores around here had such great bargains! And that is so neat that you have the glasses that you purchased at an auction when you were little:)

  3. It's a beautiful collection! Definitely looks like it's time for a party.
    I wanted to answer your question on my map chest of drawers, but you don't have an e-mail linked up! The answer is: I glazed after the mod podge was completely dry. I even sanded the map down on the edges and across the wrinkles, so there would be some spots that would soak up the glaze better. I sealed the whole thing over with Varathane.

  4. Beautiful glassware:-))
    Thanks for stopping by, I am your newest follower too. Hugs, Biljana

  5. Love the blue and green lucky dog!


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