Sunday, February 20, 2011

Say Aluminum Three Times- FAST

Can you tell I work with kids?  On Friday, promptly at 2:15PM, when my school day ended,  my son called me in an utter tizzy.  "Mom, you have got to get to this estate sale as fast as you can... I have never seen so much stuff in one place in my entire life!"  "Make sure you get the pop and beer cans for me- all of them."   "Grab some branding irons too!"  Okay...  I jotted down the address, bid farewell to my comrades, grabbed some paperwork (a teacher's paperwork is never done) and hit the road.  As I was driving, I kept thinking, why does he want pop and beer cans, were they full?  Branding irons- we don't own any cows. 
He was right, there was an immense sea of wonderful things and I found out later that the sale had been going on for 2 days.  I began circling and making my pile.  Each trip around this amazing house lent me more goodies and just how I like them, dusty, rusty, hidden on bottom selves, all the places where other shoppers forget to look.  Yes, I found the beer cans and right next to them were boxes of old aluminum kitchenware.  I was having a moment... crawling around on the floor clamoring through grimy old pots and pans, things the other collectors had no interest in, finding pure JOY.  

Aluminum, Aluminum, Aluminum
There's more... until then