Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting Ready...

You should see the Coop.  Well, maybe not.  For the last three, yes, 3 days from morning till night I have been riffling through my treasures.
I have treasures.
There are piles of, "won't you fix me" treasures, homemade treasures, and, "can I bare to part with you" treasures from one end of my indoor space overlapping on to my outdoor space.
CoopDeVilla is getting ready for a huge yard sale.  The official date hasn't been set yet, but I'll be sure to let you know.
CoopDeVilla is also going to attend a flea market in Salt Lake City in July.  More to come on this event too.
CoopDeVilla is ever present on Etsy with over 140 items currently for sale.  I am having a June Sale on select goodies there.
I decided I had better get started working on the upcoming events and that's when the 3 day, turning into 4 day mania began.  Look at what I found... forgot that I had. 

A little bit of everything will be for sale.  I have approximately four weeks to get organized.  I promise to leave no box unopened, button to be sorted, closet to be emptied behind.  It will all be ready just for you and oh my what a deep cleansing experience this is. 
Until next time, (I must get back to work) have a great day!


  1. I too am inspired by you girl!
    Paint your heart out, letting what ever I do inspire you to recreate :)
    I hope that you will post or link me to the piece you painted and know that there is no mistakes in euro chic-ness painting in French flea market style :)

    Have a beautiful week I have now listed my french house numebrs in my etsy!
    Hope they inspire you to create some for yourself :)

  2. I love nothing more than a good yard sale.... unless of course there is a flea market around :))


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