Monday, May 31, 2010

Etsy Treasury and My Candle Sticks

What a neat surprise today when I checked on my Etsy store.  I had again been chosen for an Etsy treasury by a shop called, Robin and Sparrow.  This treasury features all things shabby, blacks and whites in particular.  My silver plate and glass candle sticks where picked because of the background I used for the photo and of course they are, shabbilicious.  Use the link provided to go right to the treasury.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Etsy Treasury and Blue Jars

Hmm,  blue business has its rewards.  A very kind lady, (SigalitAlcalai), featured my cobalt blue jars in an Etsy treasury called: Cobalt blue - my night lights treasury.  Hurry- quick and go see the amazing color found so many places.  Only now,  I wish I would've washed the window.  I guess you never know who will be stopping by to visit. ;)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blue Day

The strangest thing happened the other day after work.  I went to my favorite stores (G.W. and D.I.) and everything that went into my cart was blue.  Faded aqua blue,  sea greens and aqua, cobalt blue, and it was raining outside.  In fact, I don't know that it will ever stop.  So today, feeling lonely and blue, I thought I would share my treasures soon to be listed on Etsy.  You will have to go there for a complete description and more photos.  
Perfect for your beach cottage: two great seascapes in white lattice frames,  one art deco lamp in what else... aqua and black, one darling jewelry box that plays fleur-de-lis, and four small, cobalt blue mason jar votive holders displayed here on an old dirty window ledge, and yes it is raining outside.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I will be trying to figure out all of this blue business.  Please, no blue eggs and ham...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Laundry Room Step-Up

Funky Junk's Saturday Night Special  has inspired me again.  This time with a ladder and my laundry room that really needed some help.  I've been thinking about this week's theme, "ladders" and I knew mine was waiting for me outside. I used this ladder two years ago in the garden to hold up sweet peas.  Now it's a focal point and decorates an empty, useless corner of my laundry room.  I began this project with this broken-down little gem.  It wouldn't stand straight so I just propped it up in the corner.

With a little fake foliage, (keep in mind this is a dark old basement laundry area and I doubt if something real would grow), some bird houses and my favorite wooden shoes that have the just right red color...  Ta-da, my finished ladder!

It's brightening up that boring old room... I won't show you the actual laundry that I should be folding.
I had a bunch of fun getting this project completed and owe it all to the greatest blog ever, who else, Funky Junk. 
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cleaning Out The Cupboards

How many ice cream scoops can a girl have?  One for me and one for you... right?  So having saved a precious duo,  the next question was, "will I ever bake up a batch of tarts...?'  Really, me, tarts?  The pile is growing.  The juicer I picked up the other day at G. W.  Hmm, now this little item could come in real handy for those ice cold party drinks this summer,  but I already have a glass one.  Cookie cutters,  I already have a jar filled with them,  and you can't make cookies without a measuring cup, so guess I'll toss that in the batch too.  The above "self-talk" is what I go through every time I part with cute stuff.   Am I the only one who goes through this silly process?

Just listed on Etsy
A Sweet Collection of Aluminum Kitchen Goodies

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Headboard Creation

Here is a functional piece of furniture made from a headboard and all sorts of little bits of this and that.  My boyfriend and I had been snooping around antique stores in his hometown and saw a fantastic hall tree that was priced well over $300.  He had been showing me all sorts of discarded items just hanging out on his ranch...  So the mind started working.  We gathered an old door complete with glass knobs, an end table, some scrap lumber, and a headboard. The headboard became the side rails for the bench. I must say, he did most of the work, measuring, cutting, running the power tools, screwing, but I stood in the wings with the "vision!"  It all came together in one afternoon and talk about sturdy, heavy, and well made.  The sanding, caulking, and painting came next.  He found some more glass door knobs to use for hooks and little trim pieces to adorn the top shelf.  We painted it red to add pzazz to his old farmhouse. 

She said, "Hey lets see if it really works."   He said,  "Sure does."
(I was soo glad for his comment because he really wasn't sure about how this was going to look in his house.)

How do you like it?  Anyone can do this. You just need a willing friend, a few tools and a little inspiration.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring is Finally Here!

Today has been just an all around sweet day.  I took the day off, so that could be part of the reason that I feel this way.  I have been really productive listing new items in my Etsy shop and will be off to the post office mailing packages shortly, but I wanted to share my cherry blossom picture first.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bottle Holder Give Away

I have always dreamed about one of these bottle holders.  I saw one in an antique store about a year ago and didn't get it...   And I know the rule- follow your gut, even if you don't know right then and there where in the world you are going to put it, buy it for sure.

Sweet Tart

The best news came today when I looked on Etsy and found out that a lovely crafter,
 featured my, Aluminum Star Shaped Tart Tins, in her collection of "Stars" on Etsy.

I had always wanted to paint them and make something cute for the 4th of July...
Click here to see all of the stars and some are truly Texan.

And how about these "Stunner Shades..."  Maybe, they could help you to see the stars.