Sunday, November 28, 2010

And Then It Snowed all Day

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting Ready for Cyber Monday on Etsy

Hi there all!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I did.  Just one thing,  I can't eat another piece of turkey- anything.  Went shopping at midnight with my girls and thought we had a pretty good plan of attack at WalMart.  They cut the ropes and "wow!"  Ugh, I had the cart and lost everyone in the crowd.  Thank goodness for cell phones.  It was too crazy and crowded and I don't think I will do it again (I have read about a lot of you not having a really good time too).  Talk about impulse shopping... whew.

With a little bit of shopping done,  and this quick post, I'm off to Etsy.  I want you to know that I take time to read your latest posts and drool over the lovely pictures and decorating ideas.  Your blogs are truly are my sanity.  Now,  I on the other hand, have been so busy that I haven't posted as much as I would like to.  There is so much to tell;  stories about squirrels, all my appliances breaking, what I replaced them with, drips, leaks, really cold weather, a kitty, babies growing and changing right before my eyes, and lastly how I have neglected my Etsy store.  So, do you know what I'm doing today?  Listing, listing and more listing. Do you think I should start another Etsy store for clothing?  Here are a few of my favorite things just listed in hopes they sell on Cyber Monday.

Can't you just see the orange vest paired with the shorts, along with a cream turtle neck and tights.  Add some brown lace up boots, a funky scarf and wow, wish my bottom half could fit into size 4.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Low Cal Snack

I know we are all really busy and sometimes just grab something to eat before really thinking of the overall effect that 15 chocolate chip cookies in one day might have on your health meter.  One cookie as you race to the grocery store, one in your lunch, two at work and so on...  I have been really working on finding low calorie snacks that are quick and easy or the make ahead and store type.  Wouldn't you know, my garden yielded a delicious snack and my friend Amber turned me on to spray balsamic vinegar.  Here's the funny...  I kept waiting for my tomatoes to turn red since I had to pick them all (early frost) and had them in my kitchen window sill, well everywhere really.  The bigger tomatoes just wouldn't turn red.  Then I remembered that I had planted a yellow heirloom variety and they were really ripe!  My yellow tomatoes are the best because of their flavor, they hold up to slicing, and are very meaty.

Just slice

and spray on the magic

sprinkle some sea salt and pepper and yum!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gotta Love Idaho Spuds

      Can you imagine my surprise when I was grabbing a few potatoes to make my famous clam chowder...?   Suddenly, I had that warm-fuzzy feeling when someone tells you they love you for the first time.  Perhaps, this is was message from the Big Man above telling me everything will be alright.  Whispering to me not to worry about the leaking roof on the back porch and bathroom, reassuring me that its okay when your furnace, hot water heater, and dryer all break within a week of each other...  a quiet message to remind me that no matter what happens, everything always works out.

Of course I couldn't use it in my recipe.   It sounds like the Coop is falling apart huh?  Maybe I did- but just for a moment!  More to come on the latest changes and upgrades around here.  This is truly a time to "Give Thanks."  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.