Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cleaning Out The Cupboards

How many ice cream scoops can a girl have?  One for me and one for you... right?  So having saved a precious duo,  the next question was, "will I ever bake up a batch of tarts...?'  Really, me, tarts?  The pile is growing.  The juicer I picked up the other day at G. W.  Hmm, now this little item could come in real handy for those ice cold party drinks this summer,  but I already have a glass one.  Cookie cutters,  I already have a jar filled with them,  and you can't make cookies without a measuring cup, so guess I'll toss that in the batch too.  The above "self-talk" is what I go through every time I part with cute stuff.   Am I the only one who goes through this silly process?

Just listed on Etsy
A Sweet Collection of Aluminum Kitchen Goodies

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