Saturday, May 15, 2010

Headboard Creation

Here is a functional piece of furniture made from a headboard and all sorts of little bits of this and that.  My boyfriend and I had been snooping around antique stores in his hometown and saw a fantastic hall tree that was priced well over $300.  He had been showing me all sorts of discarded items just hanging out on his ranch...  So the mind started working.  We gathered an old door complete with glass knobs, an end table, some scrap lumber, and a headboard. The headboard became the side rails for the bench. I must say, he did most of the work, measuring, cutting, running the power tools, screwing, but I stood in the wings with the "vision!"  It all came together in one afternoon and talk about sturdy, heavy, and well made.  The sanding, caulking, and painting came next.  He found some more glass door knobs to use for hooks and little trim pieces to adorn the top shelf.  We painted it red to add pzazz to his old farmhouse. 

She said, "Hey lets see if it really works."   He said,  "Sure does."
(I was soo glad for his comment because he really wasn't sure about how this was going to look in his house.)

How do you like it?  Anyone can do this. You just need a willing friend, a few tools and a little inspiration.
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  1. Hello girlie,
    I love your halltree you have great vision talent, even if someone else did the cutting and building.
    Love the color it really has that european flea market farm house feel to it. I tried reds for a bit and went back to my tone on tone of no color :)

    I am going to be listing signs and items on etsy this coming week and maybe one of the signs will tug at your heart strings.

    I have been a big seller on ebay for years and now am having a blast with all my blooger friends on blogs.
    I will ship all over the world and if you have the need for one of my signs you may contact me. I wish I was close enough to you to share the art with you it is much more fun that way!!

    I am going to add you to my list and hope to see your beautiful face over at my place for a little creative art talk :)

  2. Such a clever take on an old headboard! That door backer is sure working for me... and the deep red colour... awesome!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  3. Beautiful! I love every little thing about your hall tree - super creative, useful, well made AND jaw-dropping good looking! Thanks for sharing this cool project.


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