Sunday, May 23, 2010

Laundry Room Step-Up

Funky Junk's Saturday Night Special  has inspired me again.  This time with a ladder and my laundry room that really needed some help.  I've been thinking about this week's theme, "ladders" and I knew mine was waiting for me outside. I used this ladder two years ago in the garden to hold up sweet peas.  Now it's a focal point and decorates an empty, useless corner of my laundry room.  I began this project with this broken-down little gem.  It wouldn't stand straight so I just propped it up in the corner.

With a little fake foliage, (keep in mind this is a dark old basement laundry area and I doubt if something real would grow), some bird houses and my favorite wooden shoes that have the just right red color...  Ta-da, my finished ladder!

It's brightening up that boring old room... I won't show you the actual laundry that I should be folding.
I had a bunch of fun getting this project completed and owe it all to the greatest blog ever, who else, Funky Junk. 
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  1. Hi! Yay! I found your blog :) Very cute! Good job :)


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