Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Been a Long Time Friends

Greetings to you all.  Life has been an absolute whirl-wind since the benefit for Genielle.  Who may I say, has had surgery and is recovering now.  Thank you again for your support and help to make her benefit a success.  We all worked together so wonderfully and mmm... that spaghetti was dang good.

Then school started.  The year always starts off with changes to the system and 25 plus smiling little faces.  As a twenty year veteran, you dig in, establish the routine, and teach.

We had some funky weather around here and everything in the garden partially froze. I had plans of beautiful, "after" pictures of the veggie garden.  Alas,  I am left with oodles of green tomatoes, teeny-weeny pumpkins, a couple of cukes surfacing above crunchy brown vines.  I did find something growing in my garden though and isn't she a beauty.

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