Friday, August 20, 2010

Final Countdown...

I still can't get over the friends and neighbors pouring out of the woods to donate goods and services on Geniel's behalf.  Our goal was to ease her burden and it is happening.  Three people stopped by this morning to drop of goodies before I even had my hair up.
I had a nice little panic attack yesterday when I couldn't find my stock pot to cook the spaghetti in.  Come to find out, I had taken it with clam chowder to a friends house and forgot to pick it up.  So while they were at work,  I snuck into their house grabbed my pot and the biggest one they had too.  Last night I had a dream about spaghetti, the noodles were crunchy....
If you are in the area please come for a day of fun.  I promise, no crunchy noodles, and I won't sing...  just a lot of laughs, smiles, and maybe even some tears, as this amazing little village comes together for a sweetheart of a girl, Geniel.

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