Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Have I Accomplished Since The Bad Weather...?

You know the old saying, "a woman's work is never done?"  We have all murmured it before as we tackled the 5th load of laundry or made dinner for all the neighborhood kids. Without really complaining,  you just do what needs to be done... right?  Well, the old adage has significant meaning for me these past two weeks.  Furthermore,  I need to rework the phrase to fit my personality.  How about, "The woman who lives at the Coop needs to stop buying flowers and vegetable seeds, stop digging up her yard, plant what she has, and then maybe do a little weeding!"  I tell you, I am obsessed with gardening.  All my seeds are spouting and I want more.  I've hired Ricky, the neighbor kid, almost every day to move something heavy, rototill (gave up on digging one shovel at a time), rake, chop-down,  etc.   I have a dear friend, Pam,  who has offered her help too.  Oh ya,  and at night I get in my spaceship and orbit Mars.  I feel nuts, but can't stop.  Is it bad to want green zinnias everywhere?  I Probably could blame this on the Dollar Store as they had really, I mean really, cheap seeds.   Take a look at the madness that follows.

It all began right here, a small space for growing herbs...

then, I had a huge desire for planting spinach, beans, cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini, peas, chard, beets.  But first had to kill thistle and other undesirables.

Oh, and while we're waiting for the weeds to die, why not tear down an old shed.  More to come on this later...
plant sweet smelling pretties in pots and hanging baskets...

expand the garden plot so that I could plant the aforementioned goodies...

expand it a little more so that I could plant strawberries, chives, more flowers and have some place clever for my old chair and garden rakes....

and, I have the coolest willow furniture that needs a home too.   So...  lets cut down some volunteer plum tree/bushes that are taking over a corner in the yard.      

wouldn't you know it- missing parts!  Ricky brought over a massive chain, but I can't find the ball to the hitch (Rhylan?) to pull the roots out with my jeep.  So, this project is "on hold" for a bit.  Why not transplant some flowers and finish the new curvy landscaping on one side of the house...?

Then, Ricky went fishing, Pam went home, and I need to contemplate my next move.  Oh, and I need to get ready for the 4th of July.
I hope you are all staying busy and enjoying the day.
Hugs to YOU.


  1. Beautiful! Simply beautiful! Even if your roots are showing. (heee!)

    Honestly, that willow furniture is gorgeous! You've done a ton of work! You will be so appreciative when it's finally done. Keep at it. After the 4th of July of course. :)


  2. Hey looks great. Need to update pictures to show what is growing in the garden now.


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