Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Little Love

Once again I must make my apologies known for not being a responsible blogger. 
Ahhh, life! 
Have you had those weeks that never end and you find yourself playing ridiculous online puzzles (superior avoidance behavior) as your state of confusion and the list of things to do gets longer?  Does the term, "get things done in a timely fashion" make you giggle uncontrollably, because it's not happening today? And here I sit playing Poppies 3...  Well Enough!

New Improved Shorter List
  •   A long weekend to get things in order.  Perfect!
  •   A pretty heart basket to say, "Thank you" to my   sweet followers.  Yes!
  •  A great big "Thank you" to faithful bloggers who stay on top of things giving out constant inspiration and take us daily to happy joyful places.  Check!

Happy Joyful Place.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you were able to get some things checked off your ever growing list :o) The little heart basket is so cute too!

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope
    you will follow me back :o)


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