Sunday, October 23, 2011


The end of October.
Oh how I have missed you.
The leaves dance every once and a while and the air is crisp.
I remember wishing for jacket weather and thinking about us.
I walk down a path of fallen leaves
the bumps in the road, the uphill climb, wrap giant arms around me, smother me lonely, but only for a while.
 Holding me in helplessness
Dreams lost in pity
I feel the cool air and rise up.
My fingers reach out, I stretch to see the next bend in the road
fog shrouded,
obscure expectations, 
Yet, I know I am one with the road and you are there,
my path, my journey, my Autumn. 
Yes, my Chickabiddies, CoopDeVilla has been going through some rough times, thus, the poem to reflect my absence.  Having had time to re-coop (or regroup) I am moving ahead and looking forward to the holidays.  Not a day has gone by that I haven't visited your blogs and appreciated the beauty, creativity, and strength in all who, "dream in vintage."


  1. Beautiful, life-filled words! So nice to see you here!

    I will carry you in my heart today!


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