Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Store is Born

Here is the actual account of the labor and delivery of ...
(of course there was much more that was done before the 3 days that follow)

Day One- Painting and Hauling

Jeri the store manager had been painting for a couple of days all by herself.  It's a big space and she needed help.  I spent a day of painting over some very strange colors and white-washing an awning (with the help of some other vendors) and hauling in load after load of items.  I don't really remember driving home that night.  Man, was I pooped.

Day Two- The Real Fun Began
3 Vendors and I had things scattered from hell and back.  It was time to pull everything together for the Art Walk.  Jeri and I decided on vignettes and got going.  It took around 5 hours to work everything in to particular areas.  Again, pooped, and two days of McDonald's Southwest Chicken salad for dinner.
Be warned.  The following photos are a bit scary.  Reminds me of "hoarders gone wild" or the biggest yard sale I've seen in a while.  Seriously, it was a fun process as we pushed and pulled furniture across the room, changed our minds, tried something else and then got down-right bossy. 
Oh, uh-well that would be me.  Jeri do you still love me?
Look at the wicker desk... love it.
Little table (center) has been repurposed from a plant stand and a large faced clock.  Clever Jeri!
More and more arrives.
And some More... and I think that is Brennan back there...
By the end of day 2 we had everything arranged all that was left was hanging pictures, adding layers, cleaning and fluffing.

Day Three- Opening the Doors

We worked like crazy hanging wall decor.  It's a good thing that Jeri is a tall gal and I'm shorter.  We saved a lot of time not having to use a ladder for everything, and worked right up until the Art Walk began at 5pm. 
So soft and pretty.
And on to our area with an international flair...
Vintage Game boards against our chalk board wall.
A sweet baby themed vignette
How about a little rustic and country...
A little glam gal... 50's  (sorry about the exposure on the next two).
Notice the 3 piece set of luggage...
Some "man" things of course.

Everyone loved, I mean loved the store and wished us the best of luck.  I couldn't be prouder of our new baby and so happy that once again I get to surround myself with some creative, like-minded vintage chicks.  Okay, there are a few men in the mix too.  (Probably get into big trouble if I called them roosters...)  So tired and happy tonight and yes, another salad from Mickey D's.  May I add, they are tasty.

A Store is born. 
There you have it!  And of course you can have it. 
Come to our grand opening September 1st.
Old Town
Mercantile and Antiques
324 Main
Pocatello, Idaho

If you are interested in being a vendor act fast- spaces are filling up.  See the previous post for details.
Until next time my sweet chickabiddies,

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