Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Urban Legend Begins with Last Month's Remodeling

Looking back, the month of March was ever so eventful.  My youngest son had some down time from building houses and helped me design and construct a laundry room and a "whatever" room in my dreary old basement.  It came to life in a matter of 2 weeks complete with new laminate flooring, drywall, plumbing, electrical, and doors. 
My Baby B.

So you see, that is why I was away for so long.  We hauled lumber in the snow and rain.  I learned how to carry drywall like the pros, how to cut wood on a chop saw and made new friends at Lowes.  Thank goodness Starbuck's is down the road from Lowes...  I was pooped.  I think I still have joint compound in my hair or is it just turning grey?  Nah... 

Equals Happy Momma

Now, I bet you're wondering why did I pick a laundry room to build when there are so many other rooms that need a fix here at the Coop? 
And so the story begins...

It was a cold day in November when I turned the thermostat up.  The familiar rattle, roar and squeal of the furnace firing was comforting to say the least.  I said a little prayer, thankful that the old beast was going to keep me warm for another season.  Then it happened.  The fan kept turning on and off. The furnace would fire up and then no fan to circulate the heat... Uh-oh.

The next day I called the repair man.  After about 10 minutes of work he said, "Mam, would you come here a sec?"  I had that feeling you get when the dentist looks at your x-rays and says, "Suzy lets get her numb."   I got to the bottom of the stairs and he was holding something in his pliers.  "Mam, last time I saw this, it was about 10 years ago..."  My eyes adjusted to the dimly lit cave and to my surprise he was holding a dead squirrel.  "Well, this is Idaho. A wild place indeed."  I said as calmly as possible. 
RIP Little Squirrel

Next, I learned that I had a leaking valve in the furnace (so that was why my basement had that funny smell...) the duct work was not up to code (duct tape isn't code?) and the flue inside the chimney had rusted and broken apart.  He said that 2 years ago when I moved in that my gas line should've been locked down and not allowed to operate until the proper updates had been installed and inspected. 

 Hmm, thinking back, it was an older gentleman who came to my house from the gas company to turn the gas on and light my furnace and hot water heater. 

 I remember asking him if he thought my furnace would last a few more years.  It was late and I am sure his dinner was waiting.  I got the feeling he really didn't want to chit-chat. 
He said,

For 2 years, I have done everything possible to get rid of that smell (like cat urine) in my basement and well, I guess the place could have burnt down. 
More prayers.

When I began blogging my very first post said that I had stories to tell about this place, my home.  I said they were urban legends, really, and this is Chapter One. 

So what does a laundry room remodel have to do with my furnace fiasco? 
Stay tuned for... Chapter 2
Why do Things Happen in Threes?

Until then,


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