Saturday, April 9, 2011

If the Tin Man Only Knew...

As promised, I have returned with more aluminum gems and a whole lot to tell you.  "Where has she been?" you ask.   Now I am thinking... do you want the condensed version?  What!   Wait a minute here, I am much too windy for that.  So how about several short sweet posts to get you caught up with the latest happenings at the "Coop?"  Sounds do-able to me. 
 Here goes...

I am still sorting through my goodies from that blessed estate sale.  I am always amazed how something so humble, so utilitarian, like ordinary kitchen gadgets can make the most interesting photos. 
Oh, with the help of Picnik of course.

Cute little scoops

Cute little measuring cups and spoons

I could sit and do this all day.  

See the Tin's Mans Hat peeking from behind the lid.

Keep in mind, all of this was covered with grease and grim.  I spent most of a day scrubbing... a little Ajax here, a little soap there, okay a lot of soap, a little Kaboom.

And Kaboom!  This post is finished.  Hugs for now and more shopping treasures revealed soon.

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