Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a Little Frosty on the Back Porch

This past weekend,
 I spent most of my time cleaning house.
  I started in the basement,
then moved upstairs,
washed everything imaginable in my new washing machine and dryer.
 (it sings to me)
  Finally, after sorting through clothing,
Christmas decor, and unfinished craft projects,
 I decided to add a little country to my back porch beginning with my snowman collection. 
(A snowman is better than no-man... right?) 
The little stuffed guy was on a big wreath that I got at the Good Will.  I brought him home, ripped him off the wreath, and we have
been an item for many a
I am all
about the
 country look,
but I had to live it up, once again,
old school country style, on the back porch with my, "man."  

  See what I mean... lots and lots of stuff

A very popular guy...

Little wooden guys with the cutest tin accessories

Ah...  He melts my heart.
xoxo have a great night-all.

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