Saturday, December 4, 2010

Festival of Trees

Ah, last night I was a volunteer at Santa's Workshop at the annual Festival of Trees here in Pocatello.  After a long day teaching, my dear friend Steffanie, fellow teacher and I braved the crowds as children came to the workshop for fun crafts.  Totally awesome teens from various service groups helped too.  Steffanie and I were the supervisors and the teacher in us came to the forefront to help the little kids create.  We had a ball.
We were across from who else...?   Santa, in the flesh!  I got such a kick out of the serious expressions lil' guys had as they mounted his knee in utter confidence, requesting only what was really at the top of their  lists. 

Like a dork I forgot my camera and didn't get one picture of the trees.  I spent all day trying to recreate a tree I saw with lots of natural elements.  I mean all day- between laundry and sorting through Etsy stuff that is scattered from one place to the other in my small abode, I spent an entire day doing and then redoing.  To my dismay, I ran out of lights at the bottom of the tree.  I had the last strand on and then saw a bare wire- Oh my!  Corrected the problem, plugged them in and suddenly the outlet wouldn't work.  So for now, I have a half-@#$* tree  and a bright orange extension cord running the full length of the living room to the nearest working outlet.  Let us pray that I get the tree finished and take a decent picture to post... 

Wishing you a fantastic weekend.

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