Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting Ready for Cyber Monday on Etsy

Hi there all!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I did.  Just one thing,  I can't eat another piece of turkey- anything.  Went shopping at midnight with my girls and thought we had a pretty good plan of attack at WalMart.  They cut the ropes and "wow!"  Ugh, I had the cart and lost everyone in the crowd.  Thank goodness for cell phones.  It was too crazy and crowded and I don't think I will do it again (I have read about a lot of you not having a really good time too).  Talk about impulse shopping... whew.

With a little bit of shopping done,  and this quick post, I'm off to Etsy.  I want you to know that I take time to read your latest posts and drool over the lovely pictures and decorating ideas.  Your blogs are truly are my sanity.  Now,  I on the other hand, have been so busy that I haven't posted as much as I would like to.  There is so much to tell;  stories about squirrels, all my appliances breaking, what I replaced them with, drips, leaks, really cold weather, a kitty, babies growing and changing right before my eyes, and lastly how I have neglected my Etsy store.  So, do you know what I'm doing today?  Listing, listing and more listing. Do you think I should start another Etsy store for clothing?  Here are a few of my favorite things just listed in hopes they sell on Cyber Monday.

Can't you just see the orange vest paired with the shorts, along with a cream turtle neck and tights.  Add some brown lace up boots, a funky scarf and wow, wish my bottom half could fit into size 4.

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  1. Thank you girl for your visit to my place!
    Always good to meet new bloggers and what inspires them!
    I love that you announce that you wished your bottom half was a 4, you have the beauty of a 10 so not to worry girl!beauty before size :)

    thank you for the comment left over at my Merry Christmas.



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