Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Old World Bathroom Vanity Turns Into Kitchen Cabinet

I have some wonderful friends who believe in all things vintage.  They are vendors at a local antiques and used furniture store and collect numerous pieces as they roam the countryside.  On occasion, they let me come and shop in their warehouse.  It was my lucky day.  From a distance I could see something chicken-ish and as I got closer I took one look and said, "how much?!"   Teresa sold it to me, cheap-cheap-cheap, and then told me the story.  Apparently, it had a glass vessel sink attached and was sold as a powder room vanity.  It had cracked and the cabinet had been damaged during shipping.  They took the top components off,  repaired the door, and put a huge slate tile on top.  My plan is to top it with marble or granite.  But for now, my little rooster cabinet sits between my range and refrigerator and is working out just fine.  Little things, like a door that actually closes and almost correct counter height really make me happy.  I say this because the rest of my kitchen at this point in time is a disaster.  Here he is my $40 rooster cabinet.  Now that's something to crow about.
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